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Visit To India's Best Statue || Jatayu Statue - Best Tourist Place

Jatayu Statue (Kerala)- India's Best Statue

Over the past few years, our government has squandered money over statues one after the other A 3000 crore statue at one place, a 4000 crore statue at another. Don't know how many more statues are being planned by them, All from the money that comes from our taxes. So a question arises here, Is it possible to build a statue which serves as a great tourist attraction for us? 

Jatayu Statue Kerala is The best tourist place in India. Jatayu bird statue is, in fact, the best tourist place in Kerala. Jatayu Satue in Kerala builds cost, design, uniqueness in this post.

And so that our tax money does not get wasted In today's ground report, you will observe a solution to this. This statue has a lot of unique features when compared to any other normal statue Come let us see them one by one:-

(I've) go the entry ticket, friends let us go inside up to the cable cars. This is the entry door here.
Jatayu Statue-Best Tourist Place
Jatayu Statue(Kerala)-Best Tourist Place

Who Funded The Statue?

Jatayu Satue is a bird statue. Jatayu Statue is located in Kerala. The first unique feature is that this entire statue and its nearby surroundings are 100% privately funded. 

That is, not even 1 paisa of our tax money or the government money has been used The cost of this entire area As you can see behind, they've grown an entire forest here We come up from the cable cars and there's this statue as well as a temple there There's also an adventure park The cost of Jatayu Statue is a 100 crore rupees. Think about how properly this money was utilized that they were able to build so much at such a low cost. 

Design And Uniqueness Of Jatayu Statue

Jatayu Statue-Best Tourist Place
Jatayu Statue-Best Tourist Place

Another special feature of the statue is its design and its uniqueness.

You can look behind and observe It is very unlikely that you might have seen such a statue in India or even the rest of the world. The statue also changes color as the sun rises or sets This statue appears more reddish at sunset Right now it is cloudy, so it appears grey.

Present with me is Mr. Rajiv Anchal Ji (he is) the person who has designed this sculpture Jatayu Statue

Conversation With Mr. Rajiv Anchal Ji:-
- Rajiv Anchal, I will speak in English, so I have some questions about the design of the Statue. What was the inspiration behind the design?
- See… Ye Jatayu Statu… You called it Statu. I call it “Sculpture” (Murthy). I learned sculpture from the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, and then I started my career as an art director in films then. I became a director but still, I kept making idols, then I got an opportunity to participate in a Kerala Tourism competition 
- well 
- I did a project that I won 
- come The competition was won 
- and your design ... 
- and it was my design Ten to twelve years ago 
- twelve years ago?
good ... 
- I think Mannu told me that there were not many trees around here - yes, there were none at all - there were none at all? 
- There was only wild grass, there were no trees because of the grass and (the reason) was not only this... There was no water, there was some water only in the rain, so now we save that water, rainwater in some water bodies Harvesting saves 15 million liters of water and has a depth of thirty feet and I have some ideas related to nature. We have some beautiful natural caves here, so I changed them for good. After that in a natural way and not so traditional medical center 
- Is it just opened? 
- They have not been revealed in the ground right now, it is running partially.
- I was a fan of Jatayu anyway. Jatayu did a wonderful job. He tried to save Sita, it is a well-done subject for women 
- so that's why you call it ... - this idol, this art figure woman Is dedicated to the defense.
It is painful to be upside down when you are fighting, it is disappointing to fall backward from a riddle or from a Yodha or a boxer even if it is on its own side or in some other condition. I cannot express its pain. Out of the many idols I chose.

The interiors of the statue are not yet ready Its construction is still ongoing and it is expected to get completed in February 2020 When it does get over, you'd be able to go up till the eye of the statue You'd be able to see the sunrise from one of its eyes and the sunset from the other.

Drainage System Of Jatayu Statue

Unfortunately, it starts raining heavily in sporadic intervals here which makes filming a little difficult but as you can see the drainage system here is exceptionally great As soon as it rains, the water flows down.

Environmental Effect

Normally, forests are cleared and trees are cut down to make statues But a forest was grown to build this statue This area that the statue is built on used to be a barren land before There weren't a lot of trees around Lakhs of trees were planted here A forest was grown So this is a site of eco-tourism.

Lord Ram Footprint and Temple

Thousands of feet above the land, there's a temple here which is still under construction It is yet not complete It is believed that here lie the footprints of Lord Ram You can see them here.

Adventure Park

This is the adventure park and there are 15 different activities to do. For example, Zip lining, Rappelling, Archery, and shooting. What I am going to do is something new. I've never tried doing it before It is called a Log walk Come let us see how this works Okay... This is appearing to be very difficult for me So I'll come back. 

It is also very wet because of the rains And I'm not able to do it too.

The old castle that you see in the background isn't actually a castle. This has been constructed as an area for paintball. A setting of old temples and ancient runes have been created.  

Final Words

This Jatayu statue(Kerala)- India's Best Statue is a lesson for all our governments on how statues and tourist attractions should be made In a way that tax money is not spent and they also look good, (In a way that) they're unique and offer something new to the people and it serves as a spectacular tourist attraction.